Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Thank You to everyone who still comes to visit during these quiet days.

I have been in touch with SPCA, our area's Petsave, and an additional Shelter for fostering... and still, nothing.

I never received a confirmation for me to take Mircrell, unfortunately. So, I really... feel sort of lost at the moment. I'm trying to let everyone know that I'm determined to help out wherever I can, but I suppose the season is just too slow (which, imo, is a great thing).

I will be back. Don't lose hope, I am still actively (daily) reading all you wonderful blogs out there. I will find something to post about soon. :)



  1. I guess when there are no kitties to look after it is a good thing ~ right? But I am sure Yoko is enjoying having you to herself! :)

  2. Yes, I agree... Yoko must be a happy cat right about now. And enjoy the quiet time for yourself, too. Why is it that activity seems to follow feast-famine patterns?? ;-)

  3. No worries! We know how it is around here -- there's either too much going on or not enough (with our own lives) and our blogging reflects that :)


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