Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Friday!!

And I'm off, woohoo!

As much as I adore my month at Petsmart, every other month having a "me-day" is awesome, too.
Sleep in with my snuggly kitty, and then get some much needed house errands done!

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day outside, too. The sun is shining really strong, and it makes me happy that spring MAY just be somewhere on it's way.

I was in the kitchen making my coffee, and in came Yoko to tell me how much she loves the sun, too. I went to grab my camera in time (as she was just chirping away happily in the kitchen), but of course, as soon as I got the camera, she stopped. But, I did get a cute video of her on my (very dusty (as I mentioned, today's housework day :P)) kitchen table and chair, basking in the warmth coming through the window. :)

I hope everyone has a very lovely weekend!


  1. She is too blissed-out to pay attention to you. Haha.

  2. I know, three videos and she wouldn't look at me. I swear she knows when the camera comes out!

  3. A 'me' wonderful...a sunny 'me' day...even better! Good for you!

    Yoko is so cute. Isn't that always the way, you run to get your camera and by the time you get back...nothing! Funny kitties!

  4. That looks like a lovely spot for a bath, Yoko! Excellent choice.

  5. Mmmmmmm.... sun warmed belly to snorgle! Have you ever noticed how good sun warmed bellies smell... mmmmmm. (or maybe the mind just brings it in!)


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