Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little update

I finally got the call last Saturday morning to let me know that the kitty at SPCA at her babies (Yay!). They told me they were ready for me to come and pick her and the kitties up. Well, I was over the moon excited. I just had to get the room set up and I was going to get them within the next few hours.

Then, about 5 minutes later, they called back to tell me that they had already assigned the group to another foster family. :( Apparently the girl I had been dealing with wasn't aware of that at the time. Sigh, oh well.

I told them I was willing to take any kittens at all, if they had any. But, apparently they don't. There is, however, another mother ready to give kittens any time now too. So, she told me as soon as that happens, they're mine, for sure. Woo!

Haven't heard a peep out of the other shelters... I leave messages all the time, but never get word back. I'm going to take this as a good sign, considering it's quite cold where we live... I'm hoping that there isn't a lot of 'outside breeding' going on right now.

I will continue to come back for visits on where things are at.

In other news, I'm trying for a career change. Keeping my fingers crossed that things will pan out the way I want. Only thing is, is that I may not be able to do the Petsmart gig anymore if they do. Been thinking about alternatives to this site in case that happens. Sorry of the small amount of pics and posts as of late.

Now I'm off to watch a very important hockey game.... Shall return soon!

Cheers! :)


Now, how do I get down?


  1. No kitties ~ waaa! Perhaps soon ~ yea! New career ~ good luck! Less pictures of kitties ~ boo! More room and time for pictures of Yoko ~ yippee! :)

  2. Hah, view that first pic large, too. If you look under Yok's belly, there's claw marks in the paint on the wall from where she jumps up (grrr! but kinda funny ;))
    I miss having kitties around the house! I'll be back to post for that, and if the job pans out, for sure.

  3. So sorry about the ups and downs... but it is good news that they don't have kittens ready for fosterers. Fingers crossed the next litter is yours for sure!

  4. Thinking of you and the kitty mama-to-be. Fingers crossed for both!

  5. LOL ~ oops ~ a little claw marks indeed. Naughty Yoko ~ oh well ~ that's what paint touch up is for! :)


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