Thursday, July 29, 2010


I appear to have lost my background somehow. I suppose I'll have to go search out a new one! [edit--Ah, I got it back, not sure what happened there!]

So many things have been happening around here... and I still don't have a moment to write about it!

Looks like we may have an owner for Draco! Woot! Not definite yet, but should know soon!

The rest of the kittens will be going to Petsmart on Tuesday... I'm very bittersweet about it, because they're starting to get to be big enough to start getting into serious mischief. Plus at 3.5-4lbs each, it's a lot of work cleaning litter for five almost full grown kitties! But, I am really attached to them. Especially Hercules. I would love to keep him, but I haven't had much opportunity to introduce him to Yoko... so, I assume it'll be a no go.

More to come soon, but it's the long weekend, so we're buuusy! Some videos to come soon :)


  1. Paws crossed about Draco!

    Thank you so much for all you do with fostering ... it is such a bittersweet experience, isn't it?

    Looking forward to the videos. :)

  2. Litter for five cats of any size/age would be quite time-consuming, I agree. Hope you had a good holiday weekend :)

  3. Just a comment about missing backgrounds. I have one I got for free that is really pretty and it disappeared!! I was upset and puzzled. I went back the following day and it appeared again.

    If it happens again, don't panic for a bit - give it time - see if it comes back before you upload again (like I first did and lost stuff!!)

    Love your blog, I keep up in fits and starts but I always try to keep up.

  4. Time for the babies to pack up and move on...that is sad but hopeful. I never stop worrying about mine, but I have only lost track of two in over 20 years...that is rare and lots of time spent keeping in touch...but I am so glad I do.

  5. four pounds! wow, I don't feel so bad about how big my June fosters are now :) I've been clining to them a little too hard after what happened to Buffy..

  6. Hey friend ~ hope all is well! :)

    xo Catherine


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