Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last, but not least!

Hercules found some black grease or soot somewhere....

Marilyn Monroe kitten

What? I no find no dirt, I swears!

 Herc and Pyxis passed out from all the running around

I was sleepin'! How dare you use that flash, woman!

 Luckily for you, I's a sound sleeper

 Kitten pile up

Mmmm Herc, you has a tasty ear!


That's one happy kitten right there.

Pyx found a moth!

What's this? Oooo... fluttery toy! I's catch you!

 Don't run away from me!


  1. Insanely jealous of that lap full of kittens!!! So cute and bad!

  2. You should adopt a few! Rocko would love them ;)

  3. The videos slay me!!

    That is a priceless pile of cute. And so blissed out, the sleepy ones!

  4. AAaaaaa! Too cute! I wish Bella'd fall asleep in my lap like that, she's too busy destroying the beast that is my hand, lol.


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