Monday, July 5, 2010

Holidays are over :(

But I still had a great time!

The Canada Day long weekend we travelled to the West Arm of Northern Ontario to visit a couple of good friends at their summer home/cottage.

We decided that because it was only about 45 minutes from home, we would take the kittens with us. And boy oh boy, I'll let the million pictures I took detail how much fun they had!!

Buuuut.. Because there's SO many pictures, I'm going to have to do this in parts (at least 2 or 3). So here we go with the first batch below!

Pyxis sitting on the back of the chair

Oh hi there!

Draco in the background

Pyxi up front

Pyxi close up

Pretty colours

Tauri fast asleep in a spot of sunshine

Her brother Draco disturbing her :P

Herc exploring the orange fuzz pillow

Herc playing on the couch

Close up of Herc

Herc and Pyx playing

More Draco sitting with Tauri in the sun

Kitty Tauri fast asleep

Draco getting into mischief

Oh nos! I's stuck in box!

Herc coming to check on the situation

Pyx and Tauri snugglin' in sunshine

Draco escaping the box

Pyxis crashed out on my cousin's shoulder

And Draco passed out on his lap (they all just ADORED him)

Herc observing from the chair

Lots more of these pictures to come! Stay tuned!

In other news.... Orian has been adopted!!!!!!!!!
Another friend of mine just moved back to our area from across Canada, and has decided to adopt our wonderful mama. I'm so ecstatic! More news to come on this soon!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all...!!!meow!!

  2. Yay for mummy cat!

    Also aren't these kittens just the cutest little guys?

    I'd have all of them to snuggle and cuddle...

  3. Aww! The mini-cats look like they are having so much fun! The cute!

  4. Lovely! I loved having you guys and those sweet kittens. You have to promise to bring them next time too!

  5. Terrific news about Orian! Looks like the kittens took right to their new surroundings on the visit. You've helped them become so trusting :)


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