Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Pictures

And here's part 2!

Sleepy eyed Hercules

Oh hai, want to play?

Herc playing Catch Phrase with us

Can I has some snuggles too, pleez?

Is the answer Cat Nip? Mouse? Ball of yarn??

 Whatchyou means I gots it wrong?

Tauri watching the group from a distance

Pyxis wanting in on the fun

Playing board games with 4 kittens around presented a bit of a problem ;P They were good helpers though!

Last load of pictures to come tomorrow. Possibly the videos too! :)


  1. Tauri is so emo. Fun pic, fun pic, fun pic, ...Tauri sitting alone... fun pic, fun pic, fun pic.

  2. The kitties are growing so fast! They are adorable.
    xo Catherine


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