Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where have I been?!

Hee... Hi there. *sheepish grin*

Okay, I know. I vanished from the blog world for a while. Life has been exhausting lately! And the time to put into my blog has fallen way behind.

I've been meaning to pop in and make a post to say what my next steps are, but with everything going on, I just haven't put the effort into it. I saw the comment from Catherine (Hi Catherine! :)), so I figure I should take a few minutes to post on my whereabouts.

First of all.... What happened to the kittens?
Well, that's a huge story itself. Basically they made it safely and happily to Petsave, and were all adopted promptly - my Hercules being the first, to a nice young lady.
We had Orian around for a really long time, where a girlfriend of mine even took her for two weeks to give her a little more house space roaming room until she went in for her spaying. The adoption for her didn't turn out because of the high fee that Petsave asks, but that's okay, I'm confident she'll get adopted quickly because she truly is a sweetheart.

What happened after Orian? Well, she only left on August 29th, and after she did we discovered... what seemed to be out of the blue, fleas in the foster room! But the cats never ever showed any signs of having them! After months of them being here, I have no idea how we got them.
Long story short, Yoko picked them up and our house became riddled with them. We've been doing daily cleaning, Yoko has been on a vet trip, and has now been treated with a flea bath, then followed later in the week with Advantage on the back of the head. We're hoping they completely disappear soon.

So now that we're cat free (minus Yoks), where does that leave us?

Well, sadly, we won't be fostering any more. :(  At least, not for a very long time, anyway.

We found out a couple of months ago that.... we're going to be REAL mommy and daddy!!! :):)
Sooo... that's putting a crimp on our kitty plans for now. ;)

Where I'll be sad that I won't have any kitties to post about anymore, I will still be in the blogosphere reading about all of your sites and occasionally making my posts about Yoko.

Another main reason behind me not posting, even about Yoko, is that I have an extremely large exam for work, that I've been prepping for, that consumes a lot of my time in the evening. Once I'm done that, and passed, I'll be back posting on people's sites again - cause even though I'm always up to date on my reading, I have to get back into my groove of posting comments!

So, sorry for my lack of visits! Things will pick up to a small degree in the next month or so! :)

Ciao for now!
~~~~ kittykye =^..^=


  1. Congratulations! My, a lot has happened since your last post! I'm very happy to hear about the kittens, not so much about the flea invasion...

    (Out of curiosity, have you had any recent news about L and Wesley?)

  2. WOW! That's some update! Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family! :)

    And what great news about the fosters (sorry about the fleas, though ... yucky).

    Be well, and have a great weekend!

  3. oH WOW!!! Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!!! Good luck on your exam too! :-D

  4. Squeeeee!!!!! You're gonna be a mommma!!!! Ohhh... pardon... you're gonna be parents ('cause this is a joint effort!!). Happy dance!!!!

    Please, please, do NOT apologize for your absence - remember, blogging without obligation! And keep us posted about the new adventure! :-) Details of the adventure... we want details!!!

    So glad to hear the babies have found homes and paws crossed for mama Orian! Good job!

    And my condolences about the fleas... we had the same problem here at the Casa, thanks to typhoid Sophie (ok, "flea and worm" Sophie). Finally, we seem to be on the mend from both plagues! I'm wishing a quick end to your invasion!


  5. How wonderful that you are having a baby! Congratulations! Hang on tight ~ it goes so fast!

    And good luck on your exams ~ you will be so happy when that is done.

    I look forward to your return to blogland friend! :)

    xo Catherine

  6. congratulations on all the happenings. As for the fleas, when you start fostering again, just start with the ones that can get the flea medicine, because the Revolution will sterilize them and will help tremendously there. good luck and don't give up on fostering the kitties, just take some time to enjoy your own little one! we're so happy for you and glad we got back online in time. be sure to share pics when you're ready!

  7. Congratulations! Such exciting news. Looking forward to updates whenever, wherever :)

  8. Congratulations!! Best wishes for a happy and uncomplicated pregnancy!!! I also want to wish you well on your project at work.

    Sorry to hear you won't be fostering, but it is totally understandable.

    Fleas are no fun, we seem to get them here once a year. I'm sure you've nipped them in the bud and you won't ever see them again!


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