Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tears of Joy!!!

This is just too good.... terrific... wonderful... amazing news!!

Ann (Wesley and L's new mama) sent me a whack of emails over the weekend that I didn't see until today!

I immediately broke down in tears of happiness to see what I saw. And it wasn't just pregnancy hormones ;)

I'm not going to waste time... Do you recognize these two fine strapping young men??????????

That's right!!! It's them!!! Can you believe how BIG they are???
(Wesley is top, L - now Elliot - is bottom)

Remember this?? It seems just like yesterday. I barely even recognize them anymore.

She told me that both of them are doing just fine. They've learned the litterbox on their own (with a little help from her once in a while), and they're both playful happy kitties.
Still not walking, of course, but they get around the regular drag and wobble CH way ;)
She ran into a  bit of a scare back in August with an URI that spread through all the kitties in the house from a foster CH kitten she brought in, where Wesley got terribly sick - but with lots of meds and TLC, she was able to nurture him back. And now he's back to his old self again.

Poor little Wesley will probably always suffer from being such a small little fella, and with the news that he will carry the herpesvirus throughout his whole life, he'll probably always need an extra eye on him as he goes through life. But, I'm confident, with the progress he's made to date, that he'll just keep pushing through.

I really couldn't have imagined a better place that these cats to end up. She has done so much for them over the past few months. It's amazing.

I know she's still on the fence about whether or not it's realistic for her to keep them forever, amongst all the other cats in her house, but I know it would be really difficult for her to let them go. I, personally, would LOVE to have them back - though with the coming changes in this household in the next while, I don't know if it would be a reasonable decision. Still going to put the word out there though, in case anyone knows of a loving home that is interested in a couple of CH cats - give me a shout :)

Eeee! What an exciting day!

Oh, and to add to it... here's some videos!

That's it for now! Happy Tuesday!

PS: Thank you all so much for your nice words for our bundle on the way - we are suuuper excited, even if it means we have to put the fostering on hold for a bit.
Oh, and the fleas are completely gone now (hurray!). Lots of vacuuming and a little drop of Advantage on the back of Yoko's neck and we were free! :D

 A quick "then and now" of my little bottle fed babe ♥♥♥♥


  1. OMC~!!! They've gotten SOOOOO B~~~I~~~G!!! What cuties they are! The videos were fantastic! So good to see them again and a CONCATS to you on your expected bundle!!!

  2. OMG!!!! So good to see the boys again and the look wonderful!! It's adopt a less adoptable pet week so I'm going to link over here today, OK?

    Who knows? There could be an Ann, Jr. out there just waiting for the Wes and El!!

    (Yay for flea free and fingers crossed for an easy and fun preparation for parenthood for you two!!)

  3. Adorable!!! How wonderful for the update. It is plain to see the boys are getting lots of love and attention. It does the heart good!

    And I hope you, little momma, are doing well and feeling good!

    Take care friend!
    xo Catherine

  4. And I should have added I hope your exams went well/are going well. Are you done?

    I write an exam next Friday. Guess I should get studying soon! :)

    xo Catherine

  5. Oh my, they've grown so much! It's lovely to see them again. Such and happy and playful kittens!

  6. You are kidding me?? I remember them! They were cute and you were worried about them. Oh this girl deserves a HUGE HUG from all of us. They boys look stunning. How can anyone not be happy and celebrate them being alive, and well and loved.

    Well done for giving them their great start - No wonder you are proud of them. I'm in tears myself!!

  7. Would never have recognized them if you hadn't told me they were once those teeny little boys you took such good care of! They look terrific. Such a great update!!!

  8. OMC! They look so great ... all grown up and handsome! It sounds like they have a wonderful forever home and are much loved. These kinds of stories make us all happy weepy, too! :)

  9. MeWowZa...thanks everso for the lovely update and videos and pix...they look very well cared for and vibrant...we wish the best for them.

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at them!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxo!!!!! litterhead, tee hee!

  11. I hadn't checked your blog in eons and I'm SO GLAD to see these two little guys doing SO well. I knew that with just general maturation they would improve. Woo hoo! If you like, I can cross-post this to the CH Kitty list and see if any CH parents out there have proximity and are interested. Just let me know.

    Also - you can tell their foster mommy that adding powdered Lysine to the food really helps with herpes virus kitties (two of mine have it mildly). The adult dosing is about 500mg daily (she would, obviously, need to run this and the appropriate dose by the vet), and Viralys makes a meaty-smelling powdered version that you can mix right into food.

  12. What beautiful boys they are.

  13. I'm so happy to hear an update on them. What handsome kitties they turned out to be


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