Thursday, May 13, 2010

Touching Base

It's been so quiet lately!
I haven't had many interesting things to write on here, so I've just been reading everyone else's from a distance.

But, I did get a little news from Pet Save today, so I thought I'd come tell you what's up!

Rosie is still with us, and she is scheduled for her spaying next week (not certain on the exact day yet). From there, she goes back into the regular rotation of kitties at the shelter. I haven't had much luck finding her a home myself, so I'm just going to rely on them to help find her one. Again, if anyone is interested, she's up for grabs! She has come a long way in her time with us, but she is still a bit shy. I think once she gets a home of her own, she'll be great.

Good news? I'm going back to volunteering. Now that the boys are gone, I'm putting my name on their list for helping at the shelter. I've never actually worked at the Pet Save shelter (I was always strictly with SPCA, minus the fostering), but I'm very eager to help them out. Doug has other engagements on Thursday evenings after work, so I told them I would be happy to go there (after I'm done work) to do whatever they need me to do. And then, on top of that, help with any other event coordination stuff that's coming up. Yay! I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is Friday (woo!) and we have company for the weekend, so I probably won't be around again until early next week. But I should know more on all this stuff by then.

No word on the boys since my last post. :(  I'm still thinking about them daily... Though, I know they're in good hands. I wonder how big they're getting!

Oh, and one last thing, in my comments from my last post, Catonsvillecats mentioned how one of the kittens (Peege) from the litter over at KittenMom ended up with CH. But he's got a home to go to! Go read about it here!


  1. We are purring and praying for Rosie to find a forever home soon. Have fun volunteering at Pet Save ... very exciting!

  2. Yes, indeed, we'll keep our paws crossed Rosie soon finds a loving home.

    I was so excited Auntie Nurse Nancy is adopting Peege and her wonderful son, Nick, has already started physical therapy!! Thanks for the shout out, kittykye! The ladies at KittenMom (Kittenpalooza) are working so hard to give these babies a chance!

    And congrats on your plans to stay active in kitteh rescue... sounds like a perfect situation for you! Hugs!!!

  3. I totally thought about you when I read about Peege -- figured you'd be thrilled to hear the news on his planned adoption too.

    Best wishes to Rosie. Looking forward to hearing tales from your work at Pet Save!


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