Saturday, May 8, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Well, again I neglected the posting that I said I would do. Things have been pretty busy around here since the boys left. Every evening this week was a late one, and by the time I got home, I was literally going straight to bed.

It's snowing here today (can you believe it?!), so we cancelled any plans for the day. Which was fine with me!! :) Instead, I've got a very happy and cuddly Yoko purring in a blanket between me and the keyboard, while I sip on coffee in my pyjamas (I'm in my pjs a lot, eh?). I figured it was a perfect time to come back on here and update. :)

I've been in touch with Ann a number of times. Whskr @ Dash Kitten asked in the comments from my last post if this is the Ann from California I was in touch with previously. Nope, it's not. While I thanked CA Ann very much for her offer, there was no way that we could possibly get them to her (other side of the continent, and a different country all together). Our Ann is in Ontario. So, it was great!

Anyway, so as I mentioned before, Ann said that the boys are doing great. I received an email from her yesterday telling me that Wesley's fecal report came back.
Let me start by saying that there hasn't been a day that I haven't thought about them since they've been gone, and there's been this worry in my mind about what was going on with Wes - so it was a relief to get the email telling me what was up.

So, nothing 'serious', but he does have a bacteria internally, called Clostridium. I said that I thought it was strange that he had that type of bacteria in him, as it's usually associated with humans and a type of food poisoning (it's kind of like Salmonella). But, she said that they figure he's had it from birth - so, who knows what would have caused it.
The good news: It's easily cleared up with antibiotics, which both boys are now on (L too, just in case).
I'll let you know how that's going after the next time I talk to her.

Other than that, she said they're both doing great. She's trying a new type of litter with them, too, made of corn. I've seen this before but never known if it was good or not. Anyone else have any opinions on what it's like?
The clay stuff just wasn't working out (as I've said before too - but I just gave up and started using a pan lined with paper towel)... But I applaud her for trying different methods to get them to use the box on their own. She figures they'll get it down soon enough.

Okay. So, here's the videos that I promised! The first one is kind of just a moving version of the pictures I took the other day (that I posted on my last post) - plus it's got Rosie playing in there, too, which I thought was cute.
The other is two videos that I stuck together of the boys on their last morning with us. They're having their breakfast on our island, about half an hour before we left on our trip. :)


  1. Oh my goodness. They're both so cute, especially in the eating video. They look to me like they'll continue to progress and accommodate their CH to the fullest of their abilities as they grown and just become generally stronger! What CUTE boys.

  2. Good to hear that Wesley bowel troubles will soon be a thing of the past. Oh, my the boys are just so cute in those videos!!

    kittykye, don't you dare apologize for not posting. You and Doug deserve a nice long rest but I'm guessing there's a lot of catching up you need to do in a lot of areas. The boys were a full time job, hon! Hugs to Yoko, too!

  3. Well sadly I can believe you that it is snowing there as it snowed here all week (though today is quite nice) and it's supposed to snow tomorrow! sigh...why do we live in Canada??? Ha!

    So glad you are getting some relaxing done today and I am so happy you are getting reports on your kitties! Please keep us updated ~ but no preasure ~ make sure you are taking care of yourself too!

    Glad you are getting some snuggle time with Yoko as well!

    xo Catherine

  4. Glad you are getting rested and that the boys are doing well. Hooray for answers too -- it's torture when you don't have information, I know!

  5. Things sound so positive. Happy cats and settling down. BIG CHEER!! Love the videos!

  6. I think all of your internet friends understand if you take some down time and don't post all the time. Arm and Hammer has a corn litter that we use around here and we like it. We used to use Swheat but had to drive 40 miles or more to get it so we switched to the A&H stuff. Our one issue is that one of mine has a handicap (malformed rear leg) and sometimes does not get centered correctly in the litter box. Net result is a wet rear foot coated with litter that he has to shake off as he runs, complaining, around the house. Yay dirty litter clumps. well, not really a yay. more like a yuck but whatcha gonna do?


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