Thursday, May 27, 2010

The New "Stars"

Oh my goodness... They are deathly adorable. Be prepared. These ones will knock you straight off your feet from their uber-cuteness.

I've decided on stars for this bunch. Why? Because it's summertime, and there's nothing I love more than being out on the lake at night, staring up at a gorgeous hot summer sky, full of stars, listening to bullfrogs and loons, while smelling campfires far in the distance.

I love stars, and I love constellations. So, let me introduce you to Orian (Orion) and her sweet orange and black kittens :)


The other names are still in the air, because I'd like to know the genders first. But, I'm kind of thinking about going with 'unisex' names, or easily convertible names.

So, Orian is the mother. I changed the spelling to be a feminine version ~ because I thought it was a gorgeous name, and it's suits her very nicely.

The babies are currently going to be:
Tauri (Taurus, the current constellation/astrological sign of May) for one of the black tabbies;
Pyxis for one of the orange tabbies;
Hercules for the other black one ... if it turns out to be a girl, I'll figure something out ;)
and Draco, the other orange kitten.

Open to suggestions though. I won't budge on Orian or Tauri though. Those are 'for sure's :)


  1. You weren't exagerating, they ARE uber-cute! The family portraits are hilarious, especially those with one of the ginger kittens climbing over mum. Naming this little family after stars is a wonderful idea.

  2. OMG!! They are heart meltingly cute, kittykye!! And you talking to them and their sweet mama... sooo adorable! Can't wait to hear all the names and watch them grow!!

  3. Aaawwww! They're adorable! ... and so brave too, coming out to investigate.

    It took me a while to find the second orange baby, but I now see an ear or two peeking out from behind Mom :)

  4. Oh my ~ so much sweetness here! I think you will be having lots of fun with this little family!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  5. OK, mom just FELL OFF HER CHAIR from all the cuteness! Oh My COD! They are purrecious,. We'll hafta watch the videos later though~

  6. Squeeeeeeeeee! They are so inquisitive -- and mama is quite good about having visitors. Impressive.

  7. I am in love with them allllll. They totally did knock me off my feet. I felt dizzy, too much fluff-headed sweetness. Your pictures are great Lynds! I love Orian's face in the last one. :-D

  8. They are precious! Their Mommy looks quite sweet too. I like your ideas for names, sorry no suggestions from here. Thanks for sharing.


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