Monday, May 31, 2010


I've got these cute bunch of kittens here that I should be posting about, but I haven't made time to make a post about them. The pictures are starting to accumulate, so I need to get my bum in gear and get them up here!

I will try to get a post in, with all the millions of pictures, in the next day or two!

For now, a cute video of Pyxis, the runty-black kitten :) She is SO cute!

PS: The names and genders are as follows... Both black kittens are female- Pyxis and Tauri. The orange ones are the boys- Hercules and Draco. :)


  1. LOL!! Well it's a whole lot more important that you are with the kittens than posting about them (and of course we do love the posts!!). OMG Pyxis is head 'splodingly cute!!

  2. Yup ~ that is lots of cuteness there! You must be having so much fun with those adorable wee kitties!

    xo Catherine

  3. Killer cuteness. Really.
    Congratulations on your new babies.

  4. Little Pyx does look very happy indeed, rolling around on her back! She's perfectly adorable!


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