Thursday, February 9, 2012

Withering Away...

Every day she gets a little skinnier.

She eats and drinks, but not very much.
The vet says that it's most likely heart and kidney failure.
It looks like she has gone blind in one eye, and half her body has become weak and almost unusable.

She hobbles around the house.
But she doesn't seem to be in so much pain that she complains about it.
She just smiles and purrs and follows me and the babe around (to the best of her ability).

 2 lb shoulder-riding kitty.

 Checking out a sun spot together.

Soaking in the warmth.
I'm terrified that her time with us is slowly coming to the end. 
I'm hanging on to her with hope that her strength will carry her into each day. 
And cuddle her when she is feeling weak.

(Side note: Her voice never fully recovered. Doc says that with that one sickness, it probably kick started all the other failing organs in her body, since she's so old. It was only a matter of time before she came down with something that lead to these other issues. He said we could run all kinds of tests to verify, and then put her on medication. But, he doesn't highly recommend it because of her age. Right now, we're just sticking by her and trying to make her as happy and comfortable as possible.)


  1. Sending you and her lots of hugs and some extra strength for her, it was not too long ago that my 21 year old Hobbes had to go. She had a tumor in her jaw and her health was already not that great.

  2. Oh how she reminds me of Em and her looks, demeanor and attitude at the end of her journey. May you have loads of wonderful quality time together.

  3. Rest in Peace sweet Yoko!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  4. she knows she was loved dearly, right up to the end. so there was nothing to complain about. xoxo


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