Friday, January 6, 2012

Still kickin'!

Well, she's doing just fine.

She's still a little on the boney and frail side, but she's just as cuddly and sociable as ever.

We debated taking her back in to give her antibiotics anyway. I had called the vet to see what they thought. I gave it one more day and realized she was doing a bit better, and nixed the antibiotic idea again.
I know their opinion to me is (even though they don't outright say it) to put her down. I can sense it in what they say: "You know, Mrs. M.... she really is an old cat.... and you can't let her just deteriorate away into nothing".

Well, nuts to that, I say. I think she's still got some spunk left in her, and she's trying her best to fight through it.

Her voice never went back to normal, but she's not hacking a lung like she used to. She's back to sleeping with us at night, and hangs out with us during the day.

I'm happy that she's doing well. I know she's going to make it to her 18th birthday and probably even more. Even though she's tiny, she's a strong willed little kitty. And I'm glad that she's coming back to her old self. :)


  1. As a mom of a 17 year old tiny tortie, I celebrate Yoko's news - clearly she is feeling better every day. I know with older cats especially it is hard not to worry about every sneeze, cough or other symptom. But as long as she is comforable, enjoying her time with you, she's right where she belongs, under your great care and love! May you share many more birthdays with her!

  2. Banjo and I send sweet Yoko lots of hugs and kisses that she keeps on getting better! xoxoxoxox Catherine & Banjo

  3. Hoping Yoko continues to improve! Glad that she's no longer coughing so much and that she's still being her cuddly self.


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