Monday, December 19, 2011

Kitty Laryngitis

Two weekends ago, we went away to visit my parents (in another city) for about 4 days. We had someone looking after Yoko while we were gone, but for only one day - since she's usually okay on her own.
When we got home, she was making this horrible low scratchy meow at us. She normally has a pretty deep meow (being part Siamese), but this was way worse. After some time at home, we realized that not only was her meow affected, but her purring and breathing as well (would hack really hard and cough if she purred, and wheeze while breathing).
I figure she had been meowing a lot while we were gone, which she often does, which caused her to irritate her voice box. I thought it would clear up in a couple of days.
Six days later, she still had the problem. She was no longer eating her dry cat food, so we went out and bought her some cans of soft stuff. Since she appeared to be in pain, I decided it best to call her doc to have a look at her.
Doc took her (after my begging him, as it was near their closing time on a weekend) and gave her the exam.
Unfortunately, he didn't have very much to offer me. As I had already done research on the condition, he and I both came to the conclusion together that an URI was out of the question - as she had not been around other cats, had never been infected with it in the past, and showed no other signs of it. The damage is fully located in her larynx (he listened to the gurgle with the stethoscope). He said that antibiotics would be useless on her, and could possibly even put more risk on her than help her in any way (since she's an old cat).
When I went home, I did some poking around and found this site, which seems to be bang on the nose to what's going on with her. I've heard of Laryngitis for cats before, but always thought it was a pretty rare thing.
Wondering if anyone has run into this before with their kitty? Yoko is still sick with this, with no signs of improvement after over a week. I've read it could take weeks to get better -- I really hope it does. She looks pretty uncomfortable.

I've put her water and wet cat food dishes beside her bed so she doesn't have to walk upstairs while she's not feeling very well.
Snapped this picture when she turned around had a seat in it.
Silly girl.

Unfortunately, we also found out some other news while we were at the doctor that I hadn't anticipated.
Yoko has also developed a heart murmur, swollen kidneys, and dropped 1.5 kg in weight since her last visit to the doctor.
About a month and a half ago, she got locked in our foster room for several days by a Real Estate agent (an unhappy story on its own.....). She became so severely dehydrated that she could have died if left any longer. She was delirious when we found her. We had to bring her in to have her put on IV to get her fluids back up. She did come back from it, but she hasn't been the same since. I know she has become really boney and her movements slow - so when he told me that she was still dehydrated (even though she has water bowls around the house at all times), I wasn't surprised.
This new information from the vet about her now most likely having kidney disease (has the symptoms), and possibly heart problems, makes me think that that room-locking-in episode had a lot to do with it. I mean, I know she's almost 18, she's not a kitten anymore... but, I'm sure it didn't help towards her health.

We're a bit worried about her. Vet says that this sickness with her throat may be enough to 'push' her organs over the edge, if they're in a failing stage. But, we're holding on that she'll pull through. I'm keeping my hopes up for her because she's been a trooper through many other sicknesses in the past. She's still got a smile on her face and a (crackly) purr to share with the family. We're making sure to give her lots of love and cuddles and spoiling her rotten (hard to believe she can be spoiled even more than she is now :P).
We also plan to have her come with us the next time we travel, just so we can keep an eye on her.

I know that not many people stop by the blog much these days... but, for anyone who's followed and virtually got to know Yok - I thought it would be worth a share for those who care. 
I'll keep up with any updates on her health. And pictures, too, of course. :)

Meow-ry Christmas Everyone! ♥♥♥
~~~kittykye=^..^= and Family


  1. I'm rootin' for her. She's a tough old girl, small as she is... she has every chance of pulling through, with your excellent care & cuddly snuggles. xox

  2. I don't have any experience with laryngitis, but I've had kitties lose weight when they weren't feeling well. I hope she is able to get the weight back on now that you are aware what is going on and are working on helping her feel better.

    Did the vet give her subq fluids? if not you might want to ask if that might not help Yoko feel a little better.

  3. (((Yoko & kittykye)))

    Can you gve Yoko subcutaneous fluids? Older cats who are reaching kidney failure are often quite comforted by this. It's freaky the first few times, but if you warm the fluids a bit it actually feels comforting to a lot of cats.

    Lots of love, and I hope Yoko fees better soon.

  4. Poor Yoko!

    I've seen kind of thing happen quite a few times now. I bet that the ROOM incident had a lot to do with her declining health. An old critter will be in great health and then something comes along that isn't fatal and they get through it, but they are never the same again. When you are old, whatever doesn't kill DOESN'T make you stronger, it weakens you for secondary problems. I know Clara's kidding last year when she had Andy and Caroline took quite a few years off her life. We just have to love and enjoy our critters while they are with us and do the best that we can do ensure they are happy.
    I'm thinking about the you guys and little Yoks. :D

  5. Poor sweet Yoko! Banjo and I are sending lots of good thoughts, best wishes and big hugs that she gets feeling better soon! I've never heard of this before. Please keep us posted!
    xoxoxo Catherine & Banjo

  6. I'm just reading this, and sending good thoughts for you and Yoko.

  7. Warm wishes to Yoko and the rest of the family! Finding her locked in a room away from food and water -- how frightening. It does seem to make sense that the incident contributed to what's happening with Yoko now. Hope her health improves. If only there were a kitty equivalent of honey and lemon tea, no?

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