Monday, March 28, 2011

Elliott Update

Thank you for you for all the support I received regarding little Wesley. He is certainly missed, and it's nice to see all the people who will remember him.

I did leave out information on little Elliott (L) from my last post though.
While Wesley had suffered most of his life, Elliott has also had his share of problems too. He hasn't been as sick as Wes, says Ann, but he hasn't always been the healthiest kitty either. She still takes him to the doctor to have him checked out. But, from what I make of it, he seems to be doing okay.

She sent me a quick snapshot of him from her cell phone after I spoke with her that I'd like to share. :)

He's so big now! 

She says that he has a bit of an aggression problem, probably due to the CH. I've always thought he was much tougher than Wesley was, though I always cracked it up to be that he took after Rosie's wild and anti-social ways (maybe it's also part of it). But she was told that the CH possibly has a hand in it because a) he gets frustrated that he can't walk when he wants to play, and b) he was never neutered because his 'boys' never really descended properly. 

I hope to have more updates on Elliott in the future. I've also asked her to send me some pictures of Wes in his last days so I have them to remember him by (but I haven't got them yet.. which is understandable, as she's a busy woman).
I will make sure to post anything that comes in though, if/when I do get it.


In other news, it's spring (well, maybe not "warm" spring in Northern Ontario :P). Don't tell Doug, but I'm getting the kitten itch lately. I haven't heard from the shelters this year, but it could be because the Petsave coordinator knows we were expecting a baby, and I'm not on the SPCA list this year. 
I wonder if I'd get in trouble for showing up at home with a litter? I can handle a newborn and 6 kittens! 

...somehow I think I'd end up with my bags packed. But......maybe I'll mention it and see where it goes. ;)


  1. The kitten itch! I've been thinking about trying kittens if the chance arises this "season" but Meow Meow may object.

  2. Haha ~ oh oh ~ the kitten itch ~ not good! You are a modern woman ~ not doubt you can handle it all!! :)

    Hope you are getting some nice weather!!
    xo Catherine


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