Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An arrival and a departure...

Spring is already just around the corner.
And on sunny March 8th, as I sat in the kitchen, I was reminded of my CH boys.

That day marks their one year anniversary of life. I remember sitting there a year ago March 7th, waiting for Rosie to pop at any time. When that evening, little Oscar was born. After a very difficult realization that Rosie was not interested in her kitten, we took it upon ourselves to help him out by putting him in a homemade incubator box and getting him a bottle to feed.

The next morning, two more little squirts were born. Wesley and LH (later named L, then Elliott).

We tried to put them all with Rosie, but only L was accepted....
That night, we lost Oscar... and poor Wesley struggled with seizures. At that point we didn't know what was wrong with them. But we did everything we could to save them. As weeks passed, I was able to hand-rear Wesley, while Rosie took care of L.

After three weeks of feedings and cleanings on my holidays, I had to go back to work, so Doug would come home on lunch hours to take care of Wes. We found out that Wes was a very sick little kitten, and food would go straight through him. When CH was diagnosed, our shelter manager suggested putting them down, as their quality of life would be terrible. There was a great deal of argument on this blog, and I was bombarded daily by emails from CH cat owners, and it went huge.

We decided to take it upon ourselves to hold onto them and find an owner for these little guys. After searching through all the CH blogrings, communities in Ontario, and facebook site, we very luckily found a very caring woman four hours south of us willing to add the boys to her CH family. We jumped on the opportunity and decided to drive our boys down, where they would have a fur-ever home.

Both kittens still could not walk, eat, or bathroom on their own, and little Wesley still showed many signs of neurological problems, but she worked from home and had the time and effort to look after them. We could not believe our luck.
And of course, when we got there and met her and her fur-family, we knew they had the perfect home. I was so so so happy.

We got many phone calls and the occasional email (one with pictures) with updates on our boys. They were still struggling, but they were getting by. I posted videos in a previous post of them playing.

When I got sick from my pregnancy in early December, I lost touch with her. And it wasn't until March 8th, on their birthday, a couple of weeks after I gave birth to my own son, did I think to email her to wish them a happy birthday and to see how they were doing.

Days went by and I got no response. Until this past weekend.

She apologized... as she couldn't bring herself to email me... and it took great courage for her to muster up a phonecall... to let me know the news.

A few weeks prior to my email... our little Wesley had passed over to Rainbow Bridge...

He had become so sick, and his seizures had become quite bad. She rhymed off various things that he had been diagnosed with (aside from the CH).... which I only half listened to, as I just sat there in shock and sadness. His little body, even though about 6 lbs, just couldn't handle it. He really was a sick little guy from the beginning, and well, while I'm not terribly surprised with the news... it severely breaks my heart.

I debated on the post here, but I know I had so many people follow the story, I think it only seems fair to tell you, so that he can be remembered... That sweet little face will always be in my heart.

And, I can't help but think that there may be a part of him in our new boy, as around the time that Wesley passed was the exact same time that our Andrew was born. Maybe his spirit passed by Rainbow Bridge right into our boy. I know that he's certainly sweet enough to be.

Good bye sweet Wesley
and Hello sweet Andrew


~To read about our new babe, click here.


  1. Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your son. I hope that you are both well.

    It must have been terribly difficult to hear the news about little Wes, and even worse to write this post. Thank you so much for letting us know about his struggles and his final journey. In spite of the serious health issues that lasted throughout Wesley's too-brief life, he knew love: first with you and your husband, then with his new mum, always with his brother at his side.

    I believe that the animals that touch our lives can teach us important lessons, if we're open to them. You're right, there must be a connection, and I don't doubt for a single second that you'll transmit to your precious son what Wesley and his brothers taught you...

    Warm hugs and best wishes.

  2. It's very sad to hear about Wesley. But he was loved and he had the best life possible under the circumstances.

  3. I don't comment on blogs often, but as one of those who closely followed the Wesley and L story felt that I should. It is so sad to know he crossed the Bridge but I have to echo what Deleilan said, that kitty knew love and he had a good life (no matter how long it lasted). My, did that kitty know love! And you fought for that kitty to get the chance to live life and be loved. And for that you should be proud and comforted by. And you will see him again one day, he will be waiting for you at the Bridge.

    I also like the idea that your new son may have gotten a little of the Wesley spirit on his way to join you. Congratulations on your new baby!

  4. Who's cutting onions in this post? QQ

  5. I am so sorry for the loss ~ but I know how much love wee Wesley received in his short life. Big hugs!

    And look at your beautiful baby boy! Andrew ~ adorable name! Congratulations friend!

    xo Catherine

  6. Congratulations on your new baby. Glad to hear of his safe arrival.

    I am sorry to hear about Wesley, and a little surpised it has been a year since I first heard about him.

    In times like this (the losing of a beloved pet) I like to remind myself that he was destined to leave you from the begining. No pet has a long enough life span, and we have to say good bye to them all. All we can do is enjoy them while they are here, and do our best by them. You did your absolute best by little Wes, and he was well loved by many (thanks to you) You did a lot for him, and for for future CH kitties. His life was tragically short, and that is a shame, but he had so much, and that is a wonderful thing.

    (I like the new layout)

  7. Welcome, handsome Andrew, it's a pleasure to meet you... you've got yourself a couple of great parents there, pal!

    And run free, sweet Wesley!! I can see you at the Bridge, in my minds eye, running and cavorting, and content to wait to rejoin those who loved you so very well. It was an honor to share your all to brief life, courageous young man. We'll keep purrayin' for L and Ann... I know he'll be missing you, but you'll be back together before you know it.

    Kittykye, Doug, Ann... your love and dedication has just swelled our hearts!

  8. Thank you so much for giving sweet Wesley so much love and comfort. It meant so much to him, and to all who loved him from afar.

  9. The circle of life goes around. Farewell to Wes--and thank you for giving him a good start--and hello to Andrew.

  10. Welcome to Andrew, farewell to Wesley. And a toast to two very special lives.

  11. When I saw your post on Catherines blog and you said it was -24 I knew I had to come and read and sure enough we live fairly close to each other. We live just north west of Verner about 10kms into the bush.

    At present we have five rescued dogs and an old rescued cockatiel who we have had for 13 yrs and he is 30yrs old! At one time we had eight rescued cats but one by one, over the years, they have died. People dump dogs off on our dirt road and we just found another one last Tuesday. With help from Animal Control we caught him and is now in the Humane Society. I'd like to keep them all but I'm not getting any younger and we just can't afford it. Vet bills are enormous!

    I haven't read Wesleys story but just reading this post was very sad indeed. Poor baby. We never get used to getting our hearts broken over animals and it never gets any easier but we keep on doing it anyway...


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