Thursday, April 17, 2014

Uh oh. Malcolm has the 'urges'.

I introduced Trinity and Malcolm yesterday and things seemed to go pretty smoothly.
We thought that Mal was just being super friendly by happily following Trinity all over the place.
It wasn't until he did. not. give. up. that we realized that there may be some hormones at play.
When I adopted him, they told me that he had just been neutered. And he's 4 years old! (Ugh, some people) So, he's always lived with the typical life of 'being a boy'.
But even though he's had his bits removed, he still acts randy. He meows and meows and meows. He is ALWAYS, and I mean alllllllllways, following her around and getting in her face. Luckily, she hisses or growls at him if he gets too close, and he just backs away. I'm not even sure he knows what he needs to do once he does get close enough to her. He usually just sits RIGHT next to her and STARES at her. Even if she's sleeping! (Like, dude, get a clue, she ain't interested!)
I called my vet, as well at the adoption centre at the humane society, and they both told me that it's common for a male cat to still feel the urges even after being neutered (especially for an older cat). They both reassured me that it would 'likely' go away within a month or so.
Anyone else out there have experience with this? Am I (and Trinity) doomed with a cat that won't stop harassing (and meowing, and having STINKY tomcat urine)?
What should I do?


  1. sometimes it just takes time for the hormones to work through the body.. so I believe them when they say a month or so..


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