Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting Caught Up

Picture Day!

Time to catch up on a few things!

First of all... My kitty-sitting week.

This is Gerry, my Mom's ginger cat. He's a devil.

 This puffy tortie is Cleo. She's a sweetcake.

 This is Coco, my Uncle's Siamese. She's so gorgeous.

Next... My present from Cat from Corner of Cat's Mind!
I guessed (somewhat) correctly on a quiz she held on her blog and she sent me this beautiful gift.

 A kitty notebook, a kitty book mark, and a lovely handmade card!
 *sniffsniff* "What have we here?"
 "I shall take this, thank you"
 "My book mark!"
*bat bat bat*

Thank you again for the lovely gift, Cat!

Last... Some Trinity chins! Yay!

 Happy Friday all! :)


  1. What wonderful pictures! They all made me smile ... especially the ones of Trinity's chin! :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. How fun to get to kitty sit! Sweet! And I'm glad your gifts made it safe and sound. Enjoy!
    xo C


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