Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cat Stuff

In response to Catherine's post -- I, too, have this mug! Small world!

Also, I wanted to show the awesome shirt I bought from at their LOLmart :

I can't help but laugh at poor little Maggie over at Love and Hisses every time I wear it. That Mama cat is a champion in my book! (This post, especially!)

(Sorry the shirt is so wrinkled... I just took it out of the dryer and who has time for ironing, really?)

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  1. Haha ~ love it!!! I have a blue mug that matches. Do you have that one too? And if I remember correctly, you have a purple mug that has 'decatfinnated" and "catfinated" or something like that. I have that one too!

    Hmmm.... now I just need to find that shirt!!

    Very fun!
    xo Catherine


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